What is included in the HOA dues and when are they due?

The monthly HOA dues include: heat, air conditioning, water, sewer, trash, upkeep and common area maintenance. HOA dues are due on the 1st of the month, with a late fee of $25 being charged if payment is received after the 10 of the month.

What are the requirements if I want to lease my unit?

Bonneville Tower is an owner occupied building. Currently, 17 units (15%) are allowed as rentals. There is a waiting list of 4-5 years to be considered a rental unit. You may be added to the list with a written request submitted to the office. Once you have the opportunity to exercise the rental option, you are required to give written notice to the Management Committee within 30 days stating your intent to rent. Upon written approval from the Management Committee to exercise the option to rent and be added to the allowed rental percentage, you must within (60) sixty days of that approval actively pursue to rent your unit. Within six (6) months you must have the unit rented, or the option will expire and the next owner on the list will be notified. At which point your name will be moved to the bottom of the rental waiting list upon receiving a written request from you to do so. However, the option can be extended with written approval by the Management Committee, as long as you have been actively pursuing to rent your unit and it has not rented due to any fault of yours. Please click here for more additional information.

What amenities does the building include?

  • Outdoor swimming pool!

  • Gazebo and BBQ grills that are open year round on the pool deck

  • Observation balcony on the 15th floor that has wonderful views of the Salt Lake Valley

  • Shared laundry room

  • Covered garage parking

  • Storage lockers for each unit

Does Bonneville Tower allow pets?

There are NO pets of any kind allowed at Bonneville Tower. There are hefty fines if a resident is found to be housing a pet.

What about parking?

Each unit is assigned at least one parking spot. Street parking is available for guests on the east and west side of the building.

May I make modifications to the interior of my unit?

Yes. Bonneville Tower loves seeing people remodel and upgrade their units! However, there are certain rules and guidelines to follow.  Please click here for the Bonneville Tower Remodel packet.

I'm purchasing a unit in the building, what are the requirements?

Bonneville Tower does require a new resident orientation prior to receiving any security FOBs for the building. There is also a $150 move-in fee that needs to be paid prior to moving in. Please click here for additional info.

What happens if there is an emergency?

Bonneville Tower has a 24 hour emergency maintenance number. Please click here to see what Bonneville Tower considers an emergency. Please click here for fire and earthquake procedures.